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Novanexia is an Innovation Financing and Management consulting firm. A market leader in France, owing to both its prominent presence with an outstanding number of submitted applications since 2015 and its performance, having led 40 companies to obtain funding under the European Innovation Council.
Trusting us means witnessing your innovations develop and get financed. For the Horizon 2021-2027 program, our tried and tested approach consists of 3 key steps:

Analysis and definition of your financing needs

You will be advised on the most suitable EIC financing tool: Pathfinder, Transition or Accelerator.

Our team assesses your success potential according to the European Commission’s eligibility criteria, by examining your Business Plan, the maturity level of your innovation, and the commitment of your team.

Elaboration of your project proposal

Novanexia provides you with expert support on all Horizon Europe programmes: EIC Pathfinder, EIC Transition and EIC Accelerator.

  • EIC Pathfinder (TRL 1 to 4) to support the validation of your proof of concept, within the scope of a project involving at least 3 European countries
  • EIC Transition (TRL 4 to 5/6) to support the development of your technology, in preparation for future commercialisation
  • EIC Accelerator (TRL 5/6 to 8+) to finance the scale up of high-risk, high-potential disruptive innovations

Project management

Novanexia provides you with invaluable EIC expertise throughout your project – before, during and after its submission.

  • Registration and submission
  • Grant Agreement signature with the European Commission
  • Contractualisation of the capital investment
  • Management of funded projects
Novanexia supports you in the financing and management of your breakthrough innovations

Our recent winning clients on EIC Accelerator: Corwave, obtained funding in January 2021 for a ground-breaking technology against heart failure – the first company in Europe to welcome the European Commission into its capital. Abbelight, financing of a super-resolution microscopy technology that transforms the future of imaging. Demeta, funding the launch of NexTene™ in the energy market, a high-performance material with a low carbon footprint.

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